Leaden Tokens Telegraph (LTT) Newsletter

Leaden Tokens Telegraph (better known as LTT) is a free newsletter, initiated in 2005, the object of which is to promote interest in British lead tokens and their uses, and to stimulate communication between interested parties such as numismatists, metal detectors and archaeologists. Most lead pieces were very locally manufactured for local issuers and users, who needed a token for some reason but had not the means of resourcing anything more sophisticated. The makers were possessed of a set of artistic and manufacturing skills ranging from superb to negligible, which resulted in very varied tokens of highly individual character.

LTT’s main focus is on British lead of the period 1250-1850, but lead tokens of other places and periods also feature, as also do articles which cover other aspects of unofficial numismatics which may interface lead issues and provide some context which may aid their interpretation. The whole area of crude lead has been under-studied and under-appreciated over the years due to the challenges posed by the anonymous nature and frequent poor condition of many of the pieces, and LTT is an attempt to address this by illustrating interesting items and debating ideas.  LTT has appeared monthly or bi-monthly since its inception and at the moment appears around the first of each odd-numbered month.  In addition to the newsletter itself, you will also find an index, a classification system and a bibliography of further reading, all of which are updated at intervals.