Token Congress

An annual event for everyone interested in tokens and associated para-numismatica.

First held in 1982 the Congress has since taken place at venues across England, Scotland and Wales.

Typically attracting around 100+ delegates from the UK, USA, Europe and other parts of the world, it offers a unique opportunity to meet and greet with fellow collectors and enthusiasts.

Congress begins Friday with a get together and ‘token’ auction.

Saturday sees a day of talks, gala dinner and bourse.

Continuing with more talks on Sunday morning finishing around noon.

Next Congress Friday 4th to Sunday 6th October 2024 at Nothampton Hilton Hotel.

For details email or download registration form here.


Token Congress was founded by Brian Edge in 1982. His notes about the early history of the event and a biography were published as a supplement to the Bulletin (volume 12 number 4)

A summary of all of the Token Congress programmes (1982-2019) was issued as a supplement to the Bulletin (volume 13 number 8).